President's Message

This year has been like no other. We’ve carried out a record-breaking number of relief activities that revolve around disaster management, rehabilitation, healthcare, orphanages, education, and clean water. Together, we’ve played a vital role in strengthening communities and facilitating civic engagement. With the intention of saving precious lives and lending a helping hand, we’ve spent enormous funds on the welfare of people across the borders. The generosity of our donors, fundholders, and partners has surpassed our expectations and given us the opportunity to extend our humanitarian services to those in need. As a mission-driven organization, Alkhidmat Foundation holds particular accountability to lead by example in equity and inclusion. I believe we have succeeded in both.

May Allah (SWT) empower us to do something impactful for humanity!


Our Mission

Alkhidmat Foundation Sindh aims to work for humanity at 23 districts of Interior Sindh. Alkhidmat works at deserted areas of Sindh including drought-affected Tharparker, where millions of people are deprived of necessities of life. Those mediocre people are facing problems such as; absence of clean water, unavailability of health facilities, poverty, education, and nutrition/food. There’s a need to mitigate the issues by cooperation, so we can resolve the problems with continuous struggle.



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